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CPE No.2

CPE #02

Today's lesson was articles and determiners...not so easy for anyone who study English as the second language...

Q1: Fill the gaps in these extracts with
a,an,the,his, her, their, or *(none)- in some cases more than one answer is possible.

(1) Murphys clearly see not Rachel but Juana, (2) beautiful glossy mule, as (3) heroine of (4) story. She cost 130 pounds and they fuss over her like (5) film star, fretting about (6) diet, (7)looks, (8)moods. Juana is coveted by all; as (9) journey proceeds it is shadowed by (10) parting from her. There is (11) terrible moment when she falls over (12) precipice to (13) certain death but for (14) divinely placed single eucalyptus tree in (15) path.

She worries that (16) religion is so little comfort to (17) Peruvian Indian, that (18)babies chew (19) wads of (20) caca, that (21) boys Rachel plays (22) football with on (23) sloping pitches have no future, that she cannot repay (24) kindness: (25) ancient shpherdess who shared (26) picnic lunch of (27) cold potato stew on (28) cabbage leaf, (29) old man who set (30) god to guard (31) tent at night.

Q2: Verbs, idioms and collocations
Which of the following would you keep and which would you hold?

1)a straight face
2)someone company
3)someone in the dark
4)your head high
5)yourself to yourself
by eloundamigio_ii | 2005-11-21 00:02