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by eloundamigio_ii

Recess: Gone to Matterhorn


The assessment period is finally over. I am skiing in Matterhorn from 28th Jan to 4th Feb. This blog will resume shortly after my return to UK. To those who're working this period, bon travail! To those who're having holiday, enjoy! have a good time! To those who're planning to watch Jarhead or Munich...think twice before you pay...esp. Jarhead. To those who're blogging this period, I am looking forward to checking your blog out after next week! To those who still got exams, esp to my sister, GOOD LUCK! make yourself believe that you are passing ALL of them! To those who're sick, esp Moufi, eat well and rest well! To those who'll miss me... I'll miss you too.

so long!

by eloundamigio_ii | 2006-01-28 21:45