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by eloundamigio_ii

La Paque chez mon ami en Belgique


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The kids arrived around 14:00. Chris came to my room a bit before that to ask for her assistance as an Easter Bunny. Hiding stuff in the forest is one of my favorite activities so I joined with pleasure! I tried to distribute the eggs all over the forest but most likely those far away from the house will end up in the stomachs of squirrels... Well, that's alright with me. Does it matter where they end up unless it's ending up in my stomach? But this time I decided to make it easy for the kids. I was even helping Manou find a couple of chocolates the eggs at her foot!

well, all the chocolate eggs were eventually picked up and there was nothing left in the forest for squirrels and me. Happy Easter for the squirrels and myself!!
by eloundamigio_ii | 2006-04-18 08:28