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by eloundamigio_ii

9 November, Uppsala

a0065194_23161239.jpgI borrowed Lumix FX35 from my dad until 7 June 2009. It was not straightforward though as my dad wanted to keep it. I kept mooching from dad for two consecutive nights and he said no (Yes his head is harder than a marble stone!) so it was in the end my arm-twisting strategy (simply taking it in my bag!) which finally made him abandon his hope of keeping it with him. a0065194_23411110.jpgAm I always that bad? no! Of course I used to use my own camera - D70. But it's been years since I lost interest on it because I didn't have money to buy new lenses and the body was too bulky for snapping the photos on the street. Now I feel that, though the compact camera wouldnt make as good fotos as the big ones do, photo-taking became ever easy! It is exciting that I can keep it in my pocket and take a shot whenever I feel like it. So here it is the first few shots from Uppsala. I took these at 13:30. Here, it gets darker at 15:00 and it's completely dark like midnight at 16:00. It is my first winter at such a high latitude (about 61) There probably will be loads of dark photos in the next few months... but well dark photos are intriguing and fun! a0065194_2316402.jpg
The first photo is my apartment. I live on the second floor (the 3rd etage in Japan). The second photo is just about 100meter to the north of my appartment. There usually are not many people on the street...
by eloundamigio_ii | 2008-11-09 23:17