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by eloundamigio_ii

22 Nov. Saturday morning

a0065194_5223282.jpg 来る日も来る日も雪です。一番目の大雪の後、明けた朝は、スウェーデン人の家族やカップルや友達がみんなカメラを片手に街へでて写真を撮ったりしていました。こんな雪深い森の国で生まれ育ったスウェーデン人でもやっぱり最初の日はうれしいんだ、って思いました。今日日曜日もまた大雪ですが、近所を散歩してみると、昨日と比べ人の数は一段と減っています。ガブがベンチに座ってタバコをすっていました。写真を撮っていたし、にこにこしていたから向こうは私が雪が降ってうれしいと思ったのでしょう。彼は、自由に歩けなくなるからいやだといいました。「歩けるわよ、そんなもん・・・いつもスウェーデン人はいい服といい靴があれば、寒さは問題ないっていうじゃん!」といったら、まあ確かにそれは拒否しがたいけど、ね・・・、というかんじで遠いところを見ていました。
It is snowing here in Uppsala day after day. On Saturday morning after the first snowly night, I saw many swedish families, couples, and friends steped outside their houses with a happy look, yelping delightfully and taking photos of themselves in front of white, untouched snows. I was lightly shocked to see that even swedish people who have been raised in such a deep foresty snowly country can be excited about first snows. But in the second day, I met Gab sitting in the cold place outside his house, gazing the furtherest point on the gray sky, murmuring in a low voice "snow is not fun because you cannot walk around..." "Of course, you can. It's matter of having good clothes and good shoes like you guys always say!" "yes, but..." then he looked away again with his eyes wandering the snows blown up from bottom. "(ohhh...aww, but really, i love snows!) byebye Gab have a great day!!"I was feeling even happier.. Yey, I love snows, I love the winter and I am so excited! I am feeling stronger now after meeting depressed, melanchonic people who hate snows! a0065194_5222074.jpgWhile I am writing this, snows outside get crazier as if a big white dragon playing the royal battle, the sun is shrunk behind the thick black clouds and the people are staying inside the shelters... What a beautiful day..! Lovely country! lovely weather! XXX
by eloundamigio_ii | 2008-11-23 05:22