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by eloundamigio_ii

28th Nov. 2008 The life in the collectives

I live in the collectives in Uppsala. "Collectives?" It is a totally normal reaction if you are non-Swedish, because even few swedish people understand what it really is. Some say, that it is the place where the people have a "collective sex"? The other say it is a "communist community". Well, neither of them are correct, since most of the people I know who live here ended up here not by their desire to live here to be a member of such a bizzare interest groups, but rather because it was simply available for them! We do together the cleaning up of the common places in ground floor including the kitchen, the dining room, the guest rooms and the sauna house. We have an important meeting once a half year to discuss the future plan for the collectives and pass new regislations.a0065194_20263317.jpgWe also have to do three slots in two months either cooking or dishes and cleaning ups. Everyone can come down for dinner at 18:00 and buy it cheap, like 20-25 kr each! Today was the cooking day for Kostia and me, and our menu was Tacos. It's just chopping the vegs and stirfrying meats but you know we are feeding a biiig monster! We made a desert too which was banana split! They all were great and I enjoyed doing it despite the fact that my fingers were numb and polluted by too many vegs cuttings... We had a pubnight today as well as a film viewing afterwards, which was arranged by the two guys who live upstairs of mine. They study film making in the college and last summer they produced this 40mins long documentary which contains some sexual violence scenes. I had a chance to talk with them for quite long time after the film to get to know their opinions and film thingy in Sweden in general, as well as how they view the japanese film industry which i m much interested in these days. Overall, I spent great time on friday night at the collectives even if I didnt go out. Banzai the Collectives!
by eloundamigio_ii | 2008-11-29 20:26